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Say hello to The HomeE!
An innovative new device designed for your busy family.

With smartphones, tablets and more gadgets than we can keep up with, there certainly is an abundance of technology around us. Utilizing this technology to make life easier for you and your family is the key..

We developed The HomeE to do just that! Using your existing smartphones and your home Wi-Fi connection, you can now bring your entire family life into one smart system that adjusts to your family’s needs. Share a single calendar with the whole family without compromising your family’s privacy. Coordinate all your family's tasks and activities in one place. Communicate safely and securely with all your family members without installing group messaging apps that expose your kids to strangers. Check out the full list of features below.

How it works

Take a closer look at the HomeE feature here.

What Can The HomeE Do For Your Family?

Calendar Sharing - With The HomeE calendar, all family members will see real-time calendar additions and changes immediately and automatically. Alarms and Timers - Stay on top of things with preset alarms and timers.
Group Messaging - Send messages to some or all individuals in the family. You will be able to see who has read the message and who has not. Weather Reports - Do you need an umbrella or a winter coat? Get advanced knowledge of weather in your area.
Notifications - Send out an alert to the entire group at one time. Traffic Reports - Have an easy morning commute with advanced knowledge of traffic in your area.
Tasks- Assign yourself or other members in the family tasks with deadline dates. News Updates - Prepare yourself for your day with updates on your area and around the world.
Kids' Chores - Assign children chores with deadlines dates and rewards for completion. Stock Tickers - Prepare yourself for your day with updates on Financial information.
Homework Schedules - - Keep track of your student’s homework schedules and know what projects are due and when. Workout Routines - - Create personal workout routines to keep yourself and your family fit and healthy.
Daily Home Routines - - Create family schedules and routines to keep your daily life organized. Emergency Alerts - Receive city wide emergency alerts through your device.
Notes and Checklists - Write down notes and check off items that you don't want to forget. Customization - Personalize your HomeE through uploaded photos, backgrounds and screensavers
Shopping List - Create a family shopping list that all members can see so they can add items when needed. GPS Locations - - Locate your family members when you need them or just know they arrived safely at their destination.
Family Meal Planning - Plan out your family's meals and carve out family-time on a regular basis. User Identification -The HomeE will welcome you home when you enter and can even let other family members know you have arrived.
Community Activities - Learn about and get involved with family activities in your community. Video Calls -Make free video calls to your HomeE family and friends through the built-in webcam.

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Q: Can I add more than one HomeE to my account?

  • Yes, you can add as many HomeEs as you’d like to your account. One for each floor, in your master bathroom while you get ready for work, one in the kitchen, etc.

Q: Is my information secure?

  • Absolutely! You information is protected by the same level of security that protects our nations financial institutions. We will never sell, share or rent your information to any third-party. Ever.

Q: Will The HomeE work with my Apple phone?

  • Yes, iPhone 4 or later are fully supported.

Q: Will The HomeE work with my Android phone?

  • Yes, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream sandwich) or later are fully supported.

Q: Will The HomeE work with my Windows phone?

  • Yes, Windows 7.8 or later are fully supported.

Q: Does The HomeE have a battery?

  • No, The HomeE is not equipped with a battery and requires a power outlet.

Q: Can I have The HomeE professionally installed?

  • Yes, we have partnered with companies across the country that will offer installation services for The HomeE. Prices will vary depending on your installation requirements and will be quoted directly by the installer.

Q: Will The HomeE work in other countries outside the United States?

  • Yes, The HomeE will work anywhere in the world as long as 110V AC power and a Wi-Fi connection are available.

Q: When will I receive my HomeE?

  • Estimated shipping dates are summer 2015. Didn't find what you were looking for? We're happy to help. Just drop us a line here.

About Hum Tum, Inc.

Hum Tum, Inc. (formerly Houzzhold, Inc.) is a technology company incorporated in the State of Texas.

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